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A very catchy and fun song by genius Canadian hip-hop artist K-OS. To what it refers, nobody really knows...
No time to get down 'cause I'm movin' up
She put the crab in the bukkit!
by strong badian November 13, 2004
A native of the small town behind Strong Bad's house. Technically, there is only one inhabitant, that being tire, but soon, it should be tire and Da... hey! Nice try! I'm not telling you my name!
The Tandy 300 ghost haunts Strong Badia at all times.
by strong badian May 23, 2004
Minor character in Teen Girl Squad, a cartoon written by the almighty Strong Bad.
*chomp* *chomp*
by strong badian February 29, 2004
A satanic device of my own creation. Beginning as a Facebook PM to my close friends to inform them of my new phone number, it has evolved into an unnecessary, over-2000-replied message, repeatedly filling up the inboxes of those involved stupid enough to not turn off email alerts for PMs.

One day, RE: PHONE will be a true internet meme.
Lil' Dan: What!? I've got 89 new emails?!... goddamn that fucking RE: PHONE!
#facebook #pm #private message #frustration #anger
by strong badian September 26, 2008
(1)One of the coolest cruiserweights on WWE Smackdown. Also known as Brian Kendrick.

(2)Agnes Skinner's nickname for her son Seymour.
(1)Spanky's finishing maneuver is the sliced bread 2.

(2)"Spanky, I told you not to play in the neighbour's yard!"
by strong badian December 26, 2003
An imaginary band out of Stockholm, Sweden. They play fusions of polka, elevator music, and techno. Often mistaken for Ron Sexsmith, although mostly only by Mike Butt.
Person 1: Great Sex Tapes is better than actual great sex tapes!

Person 2: Are you kidding?! They don't even exist!

Mike: Ron Sexsmith?
by strong badian March 31, 2005
Something of which there is too many. Emocore? Black and Death Metal is different? What the hell is that?! Why can't it just be rock?! Or better yet music?!
Me: What styles of music do you listen to?

Moron: Well, I like Black Metal and Death Metal and Speed Metal and...

Me: So basically, you like Metal?

Moron: No, I don't like Polka Metal.
by strong badian November 17, 2004
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