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3 definitions by stonerbaby101,WLP&W420-69

your a stoner if you no how to eat ramen noodles without cooking it. you open the package then take the seasoning and spread across block of noodles and then give it a tap on the back and the crunch and munch.
wow your such a stoner you know how to eat noodles without cooking it.
by stonerbaby101,WLP&W420-69 July 12, 2009
often used to describe hands that have beaten the male penis.
That woman had some nice dick beaters!!!
by stonerbaby101,WLP&W420-69 June 29, 2009
you know your a stoner when you can make noodles without boiling it.
ramen noodles,you take a packege you open package pull out block of noodles apply seasoning packet equally spread on block of noodles flip it upside downm give it a pat on the back and crunch and munch baby yea yummy yum.....stoner...
by stonerbaby101,WLP&W420-69 June 29, 2009