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5 definitions by steven17

Usually only happens in a car with a manual transmission- A money shift is an accidental, far too aggressive down-shift, in which the engine performs the biggest red-line you've ever seen. It's referred to as a money shift, because it usually results in money coming out of your pocket for a new head, pistons etc.
My buddy Erin was doin around 65 mph when he accidentally hit second gear, money shifting his way to a new engine.
by steven17 November 04, 2007
Making a shitload of money. Making money out the ass, like gangbusters, etc.
When i get out of medical school i'll start makin bank.
by Steven17 September 12, 2007
sean kingston's way of saying shorty. what a dumb-fuck
"Shordy I could take you there."
by steven17 November 19, 2007
braces. potentially dangerous for a male during oral sex.
She looked like she would give good head, but I'm scared of those cock cutters!
by steven17 December 19, 2007
a group of men, most of which deserve to be castrated, enjoy beating their women and intimidating them to get what they want.
Josh: "Hey why does Eric's new girlfriend have black eyes and bruises all the time?"
Nathan: "Man just take one look at Eric.. anybody can tell he's from the slappaho tribe."
by steven17 October 17, 2007