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Used by WWE Superstar "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, It means Don't Trust Anybody.
DTA, you stupid son of a bitch. Don't Trust Anybody.
by Steve December 22, 2003
<verb> To obliterate, destroy, or otherwise beat the crap out of a piece of malfunctioning office equipment.
If my computer crashes one more time today, I'm going to drag it out to the parking lot and office space it!
by Steve July 11, 2003
It's what some koreans say in online games, it usually signifies joy, or sometimes its like a warcry. Some people mock koreans with this word too. Can be used with words such as giev or maybe even itam/

"You giev itam? KEKEKE! ^_^"
by Steve July 02, 2004
Funniest person in class
The kid who makes u laugh with raw humor is the class cloun
by Steve March 08, 2005
spanish, meaning goodbye
After i paid his mom, i said "adios" becuase it was the only nice thing to do after i, you know, stained the sheets
by steve September 17, 2004
A girl who loves to straddle the cock.
That girl Elise, she's just a rocket queen.
by Steve July 16, 2004
Acronym: Over The Top. To do more than or go further than is necessary, esp. due to over-enthusiasm.
I needed some new clothes, but I went a bit OTT and spent nearly a grand.
by Steve March 08, 2005

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