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the grossest thing you could ever find on a vagina. its the solidified discharge forming on the outside of the lips.

causes of the cunt scab could be one or all of the following
- prolonged fucking
- neglecting to bathe the pussy
- frequent daydreaming about david hasselhoff causing you to glaze your seat, not cleaning it up and letting it dry as a hard, white crust, resembling feta cheese

treatment of the cunt scab is easy. simply sit in a warm tub and rip it off quickly - like a bandaid. you don't want it getting caught in the hair.

also, cunt scab can be used as an insult.
man that was a sweet orgy. too bad for tina though... she's gonna have major cunt scabs.

**tina sits down** "ouch!"
craig - "hey tina what's wrong?"
tina - "damn i think my cunt scab just ripped off!!"

teacher: "okay put away your books, time for a pop quiz"
tommy: "fuckin' cunt scab"
by stephen cummings January 19, 2006
dried cunt scabs that have loosened from their original home, creating flakey residue. often found in ladies panties.

not to be confused with frosted flakes, which is a delicious cereal.
tina put some underwear on, you're dropping cunt flakes all over my new carpet!
by stephen cummings January 19, 2006
only the best show on t.v.
villager-" does this come in teal?"
evil piggy-" oh i'm sorry dear, it only comes in sea foam and mellon. Now to deal with you dave the barbarian and your monkey!"
dave-" Ahhhhhh, Bejabbers!"
fangs-" I'M NOT A MONKEY!"
by Stephen Cummings May 10, 2006
the act of getting super ghetto previous to a large fight or throwdown. getting your hood on can involve bustin' a cap in someone's ass or hittin' up some hot bitches.
"yeah thurrs a street fight tonight so i better get ma hood on."
"shit did you see kayleigh lastnight? dat bitch had her hood on."
"whut cho say! boi, you got cho hood on so far that you think you can take a bullet like 50cent yo"
"aww snap gurrl, you gone and put your hood on. dat makes me ruul horny"
by stephen cummings January 08, 2006
the act of looking at another's ass. it's easy to be caught spinkting, and it's hard not to spinkt while walking up and down the stairs with someone in front of you. It's prefectly all right to spinkt.
Phil-' i'm so sorry.'
Jannet-' what?'
Phil-' i'm was spinkting.'
Jannet-'what the fuck is spinkting, you crazy nut sucker?'
Phil-' you have a sweet ass.'
by Stephen Cummings October 04, 2006
What a female requires after there has been a lengthy amount of sexual activity without a pap smear.
Dr. Jackson: Okay, Quamilla. If you could just scootch down a little closer that'd be greeeat...oh! Oh my!

Quamilla: Doc, is they a prob all up in ma bumpin' tent?

Dr. Jackson: Oh no, everything is fine, Quamilla. Nurse Betty can you go get a rake, this one's going to need a Pap Scraping.
by Stephen Cummings June 04, 2006
a detail found on the crotch of jeans giving the illusion that your jeans are vintage and have been worn millions of times before, when in reality you just got them that afternoon at american eagle. in the earlier years of this century these details were popular and could be seen in many different colors and sizes, from big dirty crotch wishers to skiny bleached out ones. crotch wishers can still be found today but in moderation.
britney-" i like totally started the crotch wiskers fad."
justin-"no, i dropped those sweet wiskers like 15 mins before you bitch."
britney-"that's it, the only way to settle this is with a dance off, work the beat white boy!"
by stephen cummings January 27, 2006

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