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From Cork city in Ireland - slang term for a male
"See dat feen over dere like - he's a right langer"
Translation: "Look at that male over there. He is not a nice person."
by starchaser February 06, 2004
slang from Cork city in Ireland - short for "go on". The term made it's made to the Carribean while Irish slaves were shipped there in the 16th and 17th centuries. Slang Irish terms like this then made their way into the Carribean "patois", particularly Jamaica, where "gwan" is pronounced and used in exactly the same way as in Cork city in Ireland.
"Ah gwan ya langball ya"

"Please do go on about that wonderful event that you are informing me about."
by starchaser February 06, 2004
Just another word for panties.
Wow, he has a complete and total fetish over pantsu.
by Starchaser November 11, 2003
geek term - what branch of the linux kernel tree your computer is using ,or what branch of a particular linux distribution your computer is using.
"Whenever something breaks in gnome, I use KDE. Since I live on the Debian unstable branch, that happens ever six months or so"

"I'm now living on the 2.6 release candidate 3 branch, and its rock solid"

"I tried to live on the Mandrake cooker branch , but there were too many problems, so i jumped back to the 9.2 release"
by starchaser February 06, 2004
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