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to be critical of a present or gift
Despite thought put into the gift, he decided to look a gift horse in the mouth and commented on the cheapness of the gift
by stanzz October 25, 2006
small, insignificant; small or insignificant in quantity

comes from the Irish potatoe famine from 1845 - 1849, as potatoes was the main food source in Ireland. Used to describe the small surviving potatoes that were picked
Those coins are small potatoes; we're not going to use them later on
by stanzz October 28, 2006
To call someone into question; to question one's action
to call someone on the carpet
by stanzz October 25, 2006
a.k.a. wear blinkers

to be ignorant or restricted in sight, as if wearing blinkers or blinkers

blinkers are devices use to restrict the sight of horses
You're never gonna be content if you don't try, try to see outside your line
There you go, you did it again!
You act as if there's a blinder on your eyes
-Glass, by incubus

only horses wear blinders, dude
by stanzz October 18, 2006
To give up one's dignity or pride
to pocket one's pride
by stanzz October 25, 2006
a Newly elected senator
any new senator ex. jeff addler is a freshman senator
by Stanzz September 27, 2006

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