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14 definitions by stacie

Cool lil dudes who are funny. They cleverly use slang words for other words e.g LO! {hello}.
he he he he he they make me laugh!
Weebl & Bob madde my ro piss his pants laughing
by Stacie July 26, 2004
stationary is a set of equipment needed in schools and offices.
an eraser is an item of stationary, and so are pens and pencils.
by stacie October 22, 2003
have you seen margeret mcguigan romeing the streets of camberwell? have you
may be a deformed child of some sort
by stacie November 15, 2004
someone is is found romeing the streets of camberwell. have you seen margeret mcguigan near gloria jeans? Wears glasses and varies in age
a girl wrapped in cloth drinking from a straw mite be margeret mcguigan
by stacie November 15, 2004
Something to look for in a man if one enjoys giving head.
My name actually is Stacie and I seek out cocklicks.
by Stacie June 02, 2004
It means to take it easy, take a load of and chill with a Pooj.
Dude, I am going to chillax, I had a hard day at school
by Stacie February 11, 2004
Noun- means best friend, buddy
"Hey Beeyatch get your ass over here"
by Stacie October 12, 2004