18 definitions by squilliam

the sound that tards make. Not necessarily "retarded people", but more generally, the sound you hear when you're in a crowded room; conversation starter
"how the gee are you?" "I'm doing gee" OR "retarded, retarded"
by Squilliam November 12, 2006
another word for tard; gee is the sound that tards make, or more generally the sound of society

Why you bein' such a geetard today?
Society is made up of nothing but a bunch of geetards.
by squilliam November 24, 2006
another word for emo jesus.
criss angel is the best magician that has ever lived.
by squilliam November 18, 2006
another word to describe society's collective sound; another word for gee.
did you learn anything from society today? (answer) Yes I did! KURT!!!
by squilliam November 18, 2006

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