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4 definitions by spunkTanker

a man is said to have laid a beaver trap when he 'lures' a woman into having sex with him (repeatedly) with the promise of marrying her soon. After his hunger is satisfied enough, the man backs off from his commitment.

(this especially happens in conservative societies of developing countries where girls consider it a taboo to have sex before marriage. Hence laying a beaver trap is the only option for the sexually-starved & commitment-phobic guys. In such coutries, a man accused of laying a beaver trap is booked under the charges of rape)
Ajay: Hey Vijay, I can't believe it. How did you manage to nail that conservative gal ?
Vijay: Ya man, it wasn't an easy task. Finally, I had to lay a beaver trap.
by spunkTanker November 05, 2010
one of the most abused names on Urban Dictionary
Poor Sarah Palin. Just look at the number of terms on UD which are derived from her name:

Sarah Palin MILF
Sarah Palin glasses
Pullin' a Palin ....
Sarah Palindrome
by spunkTanker April 09, 2011
when you fart with such a high pressure that it causes a pain in your asshole
Self sodomy- "Dude don't eat too much of beans; you'll get self sodomized"
by spunkTanker November 10, 2010
the thing that you'll miss the most when you will become old
Suresh: Damn! I got a morning wood of biblical proportions today. It was aching & I had to remove my undies.

Ramesh: Well, having morning wood is a sign of youth. You're gonna cherish these woody memories a lot when your hair will become all white.
by spunkTanker April 28, 2011