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Summer camps that studentshave to test into. Campers spend the summer taking classes and hanging out with other nerdlets.
"Hey, are you going to nerd camp this summer?"

"Yeah. Let's go play D&D."
by spin December 04, 2004
handsworth/birmingham ghettofied word, used mostly by black/asian people, a version of 'wow' or 'oh my god'
'raaaa thats slack blad'
'raaaa she fit ynaa'
'raaaa wat was u sayin 2 his bitch'
by spin June 06, 2004
A baby nerd. Can also be used as an endearment.
Physics teacher: "Come, my little nerdlets, let's build a catapult!"

Students: "Score!"
by spin December 04, 2004
something that has been taken over by a retard or multiple retards
Droughnought has tard jacked the thread
by Spin June 06, 2003
Spin-means grade A B-boy,and universal skills
spin represents pose breakers 94,95,96.
by spin October 16, 2003
Prebuttal: N -Whiny address from Gore-Loserdemocrats, intended to refute the Presidents SOTU (state of the union) speech before he has even had a chance to deliver it.
Dang! That Nancy Pelosi is some kind of alien-freak-job, she never blinked once while giving that prebuttal speech last night.
by Spin February 08, 2005
verb; past tense. The act of removing a sitting House Speaker by voting him out of his congressional seat, thus also removing him from the Speakers Chair. Uncommon because Speakers usually gerrymander their seat to be very safe. A de-Foley-ated speaker is an earlier version of a gore-loser.
In the US congressional elections of 1994, George Nethercutt de-Foley-ated then House speaker Tom Foley by beating him in the election.
by Spin April 28, 2005

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