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When you gotta poop so bad that the poo pops out and goes back in, just like a prarie dog does.
I think I'm gonna go prarie dog hunting but first i gotta poo cause i'm prarie doggin it.
by Sphinctar May 12, 2004
To kill a chicken by strangulation
Wow look at him choke that chicken and by that i mean he is not masturbating
by Sphinctar May 08, 2003
To rub a piece of meat for a better taste
That butcher really knows how to stroke his salami
by Sphinctar May 08, 2003
When you stick you dick parallel to the cornhole of a girl and slide up and down her ass crack, thus, making your dick look like the thorax and the cheeks looking like the wings.
Zach said he wouldn't mind give Raggity an ass crack butterfly, I wouldn't mind, either.
by Sphinctar October 05, 2004
To put a spoon inside someones back pocket when they arent looking
I just gave Mr. B a Spoonie McBackpocket, then i stole his pens when he leaned over. And Jordan raped him.
by Sphinctar May 08, 2003
The Special Sauce of a restaraunt, its recipe is secret. Its not giz
This special sauce is good, but its not giz.
by Sphinctar May 08, 2003
To play pool in your pocket
He has a really small pool table in his pocket and he occasionally plays pool on it.
by Sphinctar May 08, 2003
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