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5 definitions by sparkle

A female that gives oral sex to males. (A derogatory phrase)
That girls a suck hood
by sparkle November 16, 2003
9 2
french way to say hello. the don't pronounce the hello, and change the e to an a sound.
phone rings
person: alo?
by sparkle June 25, 2005
24 23
The 2005 United States Grand Prix.
With only six cars competing in the event, the race had become a total farce.
by sparkle June 19, 2005
27 33
The statement to repress the Prince of Darkness
Smithy ........... DRUM SOLO
by Sparkle September 27, 2003
3 28
The sexxiest thing to ever grace the rap game...stop hatin' on my man. He is a genius!
Jay-Z is the shit!
by Sparkle September 05, 2003
25 60