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A female that gives oral sex to males. (A derogatory phrase)
That girls a suck hood
by sparkle November 16, 2003
french way to say hello. the don't pronounce the hello, and change the e to an a sound.
phone rings
person: alo?
by sparkle June 25, 2005
The 2005 United States Grand Prix.
With only six cars competing in the event, the race had become a total farce.
by sparkle June 19, 2005
The statement to repress the Prince of Darkness
Smithy ........... DRUM SOLO
by Sparkle September 27, 2003
The sexxiest thing to ever grace the rap game...stop hatin' on my man. He is a genius!
Jay-Z is the shit!
by Sparkle September 05, 2003

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