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30 definitions by someguy

a company that sends you free drink coasters.
person00: hey, we got a new aol coaster. this one is 6.5 it must be better than our last 4.0 coaster.

person01: cool, ill add it to the other 300 we have.
by someguy December 13, 2003
1731 247
a legendary guitarist from Damageplan. Recently killed onstage by a moron with a handgun.
see god for more information
by someguy December 23, 2004
182 55
A pretty chick , with alot of nerve .
Pretty cute , Skinny , her hair iz like ca^y cho^~i cha`
by Someguy April 09, 2005
192 84
dumbest mother fu*king sh*t ever created by the government.
Censorship makes little Billy here more interested in what he is not allowed to see, therefore he goes to great lengths he might not have gone to, to find out just what he is not allowed to know.
by someguy June 03, 2004
93 40
One that posts the final response to a post on a newsgroup, composed of an initial post about a topic and all responses to it.
Johnny once again became the thread killer as no one had a response to his irrelevant, off topic comment, befoere it was archived
by someguy March 13, 2005
49 6
When the bottom of a girl's boob is hanging out from under a woman's top.
Did you see that chick at the club showing her boob-crack
by someguy January 18, 2005
69 33
A ficticious character of the Pizza race seen in "Space Balls". Pizza the Hutt is a comical spoof of Jabba the Hutt, a crimelord
Ha ha ha, Pizza the Hutt just ATE himself!
by SomeGuy November 11, 2003
27 7