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someone that is extremely tall and lanky
hey stringa, hwos the weather up there
by someguy March 30, 2005
Whiney, uninspired, faux emo music, usually with sung and screamed vocals.
Man, that new Story of the Year CD is total tatecore!
by someguy November 30, 2003
The sound a gun makes.
"No Kenny, guns dont go pkeew pkeew. They go BANG! BANG! BANG!"

-Quoted from South Park
by Someguy July 29, 2004
The induced state of thinking something is awesome.
Gabe is so awesome, he's stuponfucious.
by Someguy December 10, 2003
a k&p visitor
hello Froztbyte
by Someguy February 28, 2003
A way of agreeing with somebody
Ramez: Javad is gay
Me: Dang diddly
by Someguy March 02, 2005
a kani is an Australian term describing a sort of a young yobo. they like 50 cent, eminem etc and act all tough. They wear 'KANI' brand clothes, which is were the word comes from. These clothes are very shiny, think Ali G. They travel in BMX bikes, and favourite activities include smoking, vandalising. And once old enough to get a car they put a sik bodykit on their falcon/commodore with a big subwoofer and muffler. The Kanis age range is blured as its from about 6 to mid 20s, after this they become yobos.
"Hey that kani stole my TV, and hes getting away on his BMW"
by someguy February 24, 2005

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