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5 definitions by snow

The best band with the best songs ever!! "Although Away From Me" comes across pop-like to me, "Missing" will forever remain perfect in my heart. They come across as Dark Rock, Hard Rock, Goth Rock. (although they aren't really goth...)
Away from me is an awesome song!!
I hide behind a smile as this perfect plan unfolds...

Missing!! -sings-
Please, please, forgive me...
by Snow April 11, 2005
1. a place where its not uncommon to find the garage bigger than the house/trailer to hold all the snowmobiles, trucks, chains, ice fishing gear, and atv's of course. doesnt matter if u live in squalor as long as u have those things
2. beer and cigarettes are staples to ones diet
3. supper might be a moose that jo blow from up jackman ran into on his way home and u helped him gut it and now u got half the carcass.
4. its acceptable to go to the bathroom outside cause theres not many public rest rooms when u get up in the woods.
5. the seasons are winter, mud season, summa, fall and the biggest season of couse is basketball season.
6. my annual vacation is the basketball tournament
7. high school basketball players earn celebrity status
8. u dont need street numbers or anything here cause we all know where each other lives
9. maines the best place in the world to live
local lingo.... jeezum...jeezum crimee or jeezum crow...ayuh, couple three weeks ago, isnt she cunnin, wicked good, used-of-it, off-an-it, numb..nummer than a pounded thumb, colder than a witches tit, slickers than owls shit, gawmpy, god i love this state
by snow January 01, 2005
the greatest of the disney princesses
i love snow white! shes is freakin awesome
by snow May 07, 2005
Beef with someone over the internet
yo dawg, u gots e-beef wit dat cat or sumpin
by Snow September 08, 2004
A teener of llello.
(Snow): ey shano, how much u hittin for a tshirt?
(NoDoz): 55 dawg
(Snow): aight bet.
by Snow March 23, 2005