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Nippley, use as in nippy when the weather changes to colder temperatures and women don't dress appropriately while outside and their nipples become erect in contact with the cold air. It's a way to tell your friends that there is a nipple alert.
Steve and a few of his friends were standing outside the bar when a group of young women passed shivering in the cold and having hard nipples. "It's a tad nippley out this evening isn't it?" asked Steve directing the attention of his friends to the ladies boobs as they passed.
by Sneakyteaky November 01, 2006
An amount of feces that remains on your ass hair that will not come off around your anus that have dried that you could not wipe off properly and it hurst to pull them off.
Damn! Those freaking burrito's gave me some damn willnots! I wiped but I can't walk without the friction pulling on my ass hairs!
by sneakyteaky August 12, 2006
When your mouth tastes exactly like something very putrefactive.
My mouth tastes zactly like an asshole.
by sneakyteaky August 12, 2006

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