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commercialized phrase used by a person or business that is trying to get over on as many people as possible.
He sez he's "for the people" so he can get as many of them as possible into his stable.
by snappy's February 02, 2008
dark, puffy nipples on a woman of color.
I've love to nibble on those Hershey kisses.
by snappy's February 02, 2008
John McCain's ability to eat, chew, and spit out his Republican opponents without remorse.
He'll McCainnibal Romney by Super Tuesday.
by snappy's February 02, 2008
a wise ass, generally a nebbish male trying to get over with a humorous, but usually feeble attempt to make someone else the butt of the joke. Wisenhemiers are usually called out and decsribed as such.
youz a f'in wisenheimer and you're gonna end up wit yer dick in yer mouth.
by snappy's February 02, 2008
someone extremely proficient in the use of a penis.
He's a primo wangster.
She's a wangster machine.
by snappy's February 06, 2008

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