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a watter bottle with a metal tube, you put a bit of dope and tobbacco(crack,sitch,tobe) then you smoke it slowly till it pops and pulls through into the water....
I like too hit Poppers!
by smurfis November 21, 2005
its when you and 4 friends pile into a little room, and take off your clothes. then everyone grabs the hips of the person infront of them. Then you turn the lights off and walk around the room, while saying train,train,caboose
last night me and 4 other people train,train,caboosed for like, 5 hours.
by smurfis February 02, 2006
a person who goes to the beach and squeezes the farts out of dead seaguls
fork is a frump because he makes dead birds fart
by smurfis November 21, 2005

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