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A tall white kid who loves cars to a weird extent. He loves to say "Yeah buddy!" a lot and makes jokes that don't make much sense. He is trustworthy to his friends and loves camp. He also loves computers and snowboarding. He also finds coolness in stuff that other people don't think is cool.
Sam: "Yeah buddy!"

Jonah: "Sam, don't be such an Aaron S"
by smf399 February 16, 2013
A smart brunette with strong feminist and environmentalist views. She is very classy and is highly unlikely to be found doing stupid things
Sanjay: "Do you want to go biking without helmets?"

Cornelius" No, i'm going to be a Rachel M type person and stay here and save the arctic"
by smf399 February 16, 2013
A smart artsy girl who can be found rock climbing and playing the piano. She is down to earth and quite good looking. She is a good and trustworthy friend.
"With all those girls like Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian out there,I am glad there are still some Clara Ds around"
by smf399 February 16, 2013
A tall skinny black kid who loves to play basketball and minecraft. Gets a lot of the attention from the ladies but doesn't really want it. Laughs very easily and is usually easy going. He is a good friend and a smart person.
Darrel: "Did you see that kid dunk that shot and then run from those enchanted girls?"

Paul: "Yeah, what a Jordan R."
by smf399 February 16, 2013
A blonde pale kid from Switzerland and Canada. He is a hardcore hockey nut and likes to snowboard. His main joke is "Thats what she said". Might be a vampire. He is also very tech savvy.
"I need to put together this computer! I wish I was a Zach S!"
by smf399 February 16, 2013
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