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Those who follow The Darkness. They are not strictly those who retreat into depression or like all things black. I would say the darklings are for the most part a happy bunch, so happy, in fact, that they enjoy the company of those who do have one color palette.
Ted says he became a darkling by accident one day, when raking leaves. A sudden whim came over him to split-jump over the leaf pile. He did, and, staring into the mustard-colored yellow leaves he saw that he, like the little maple leaf, was now part of a bigger thing. "the darklings!" he whispered, face towards the sky, "the darklings!"
by smantha May 27, 2004
A soldier of fortune, complete with handlbar mustache and an Edwardian sentimentality.
I doo think we ought to Frankie Poullain ourselves for dinner, and make sure to eat and drink to a classy but avante-garde excess!
by smantha May 25, 2004
One who is both Catholic and Jewish. Or simply is of one religion and reveres the other.
Can I have your mezuzah?
Sure, if you give me your crucifix?
by smantha May 27, 2004
alternative, more azn way to say "smoose" a mythical creature, originating in Northern Virginia. See "smoose"
I jux wanna take your smooze and yank it.
as opposed to
I just want to take your smoose and yank it.
by smantha May 25, 2004
A people who live in Finland, Norway, Denmark and parts of Russia. Also known as Laplanders. They herd reindeer and have the prettiest little costumes. Unfortunately, they are kind of boring.
The Sami more oft than not sit in their tents dicussing the mysteries of the reindeer.
by smantha May 25, 2004
Usually used for the males, who like to beat people up to protect their women.
Did you see Luca on E.R. beat the shit out of that quadroplegic who hit on Abby?
by smantha May 25, 2004
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