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5 definitions by sloleak

When a monsterously long turd breaks off and brushes your ball sack or inner thigh.
After a night of cashews and corona chip should have expected to get a trout bite the next day.
by sloleak September 03, 2006
15 3
Using primate like long arms to attempt to wipe your enormous ass, but instead dunking the toilet paper in the water and wiping wet.
Annoyed by the fact that he had to accomplish another monkey swipe kelly decided to lay off of the moon pies.
by sloleak October 12, 2006
5 1
The act of wipeing your ass backwards, from back to front packing shit around your man jewels.
Hey where is chip? He is in the toilet doing a reverse chipper.
by sloleak October 03, 2005
3 7
To play bad cards during a poker tournament, with the hope of drawing out a good hand.
Mike was knocked out of the tournament early, he was playing like a bounder all night.
by sloleak November 07, 2005
9 14
When you build up a big chip lead in a poker tournament and then piss it away because you can't hold your liquor.
Boy that mike sure blew that tournament, what a Bounder.
by sloleak November 14, 2005
4 30