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the second best thing to use next to the bed ;)
lets go have some fun on te couch =D
by slightly disturbed February 08, 2008
when you make something innocent seem perverted
"im hungry"
"do you wana eat out"
"is that some kind of code word?!" ;)
by slightly disturbed February 04, 2008
Carrot fondue is the act of vomiting into a woman's vagina, having sex with her and then having her fellate you.
Oh my god, Richard performed carrot fondue on me last night. I need to buy new sheets.
by Slightly Disturbed November 08, 2012
in referance to two people making out ...duh

commonly used through txt or some form of Instant Messaging.
guy: so later do u wana go hook up
girl: hah sure =]
guy: =pd=
girl: haha yay =D
by slightly disturbed February 04, 2008
the correct responce to someone in an IM or txt when they send you =p

this happening will result in =pd= ;)
- blablabla something something i win =p
- d=
- hahaha well ok if you want to =]
by slightly disturbed February 05, 2008
has 3 definitions ordered in order of most common.

1) to want something really bad

2) a strong desire to fill your mouth with a liquid substance repeatedly until satisfied

3) horney, or being sexually aroused - primarrally used in association with women
1) im so thirsty for a new car

2) could be a code word =]

3) that is one thirsty chick..
by slightly disturbed February 05, 2008
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