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Where I took your mom in my camaro.
Your mom and I took a 4 hour trip to Bone City
by skrill monkey March 17, 2007
A case of diarrhea that causes one to dance their way to the bathroom. The dance consists of tightly locked ass cheeks and short quick steps and is quite aggressive.
Al reserves his best moves for the bathroom when he performs the oh so seductive richmond crab apple quick step
by skrill monkey March 25, 2007
A person who loves and hoards money.
The only reason Tiago has money is because he is a cheap ass skrill monkey
by skrill monkey March 17, 2007
1. A dunk performed by some honkey.

2. A party with lots of blow
Ol' Space Ghost McRoberts loves to go coast to coast and deliver a blizzard of snow jams

That coke head Rick throws the best snow jams
by skrill monkey March 17, 2007
Offensive term for Dutch people
Serge was a filthy butterbox that worked in tulip factory
by skrill monkey March 17, 2007
The most awesome destructive weapon ever created. A boot with a knife attached to the sole the sticks out past the toe. The knife of the knifeboot may be either stationary or switchblade. The only thing better than a knifeboot is the act of knifebooting.
Bo Jackson defeated Robocop by kicking his knifeboot into his opponents throat.
by skrill monkey March 25, 2007
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