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a process by which
the rich select
who from among them
can best coerce the poor
that he/she represents them.
"The dumocracy at our school
only seemed to represent
of the administrators
treading water."
by skipix November 07, 2006
Any administration, or ruling body,
that is so out of touch, or coloured by money,
that they might as well be on Pluto.
The Plutocracy in our Land
was seemingly separated from its
living, working people
by vast, galactic distances.
by skipix November 28, 2006
1. Ones who animate. ie: God, Disney, Miyazaki

2. Ones who have scored with Ani.
1. That award-winning animator
sure did create
some wacky scenarios.

2. Those animators are lucky,
she's hot!
by skipix November 30, 2006
1. Seemingly animate entities
whose apparent life and motion
is derived by flash-card presentation
of a series of still images
drawn or crafted by
an artist or animator.

2.Real-life people whose
actions or expressions are
so caricatured or histrionic
that they seem like TOONS.
1. "That cartoon character smashed
right through a wall and left behind
a silhouette."

2. "Those cartoon characters are
really spouting out their blowholes."
by skipix November 29, 2006
The Art of being
All on the same planet
at exactly the same Time, or moment
despite the illusion of zones
and invisible, divisible, spatial boundaries.
Sunny was secure in her contemporaneousity.
by skipix December 02, 2006
Akin to a state of catatonia,
some have likened it to indentured servitude
while others describe it as
Ulitmate Stressedoutedness.
Wally was hyperstricted by his
Mortgage, Auto payments, Utility Bills,
Walyers, and Hellth-care concerns.
by skipix December 01, 2006
a condition in which
the victim, or citizen
feels bombarded by
rules, regulations, Time comstraints, etc.
to the point that
the whole concept of personal responsibility
seems to have been tossed
to the Wind.
Larry felt overstricted by
all the hoops he had to jump through
in order to get health care.
When he got the Bill for it,
he was Hyperstricted.
by skipix November 30, 2006
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