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Plutocracy is the rule by the super-rich international capitalists and their retainers; the press, office holders, spies and thugs. In a plutocracy the middle class is controlled though taxation, low-cost imports (free trade) and corrupt politicians and in a communist system the middle class is exterminated. The perfect plutocracy consists of two classes only—the plutocrats and their overseers and the subsistence-level poor. The degree of economic inequality is staggering as is the low level of social mobility.
Although the word plutocracy has disappeared from some modern dictionaries, as if it no longer exists, it is in fact the only name to correctly describe many modern governments.
by OneBadAsp October 23, 2006
152 31
See America
See Canada
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See France
See Germany
See Spain
See Portugal
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See Luxemborg
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See Earth Every governemnt that has ever existed is just a glorified plutocracy.
by Elitist April 07, 2004
87 15
a government controlled by the wealthy
"Dubbya is a plutocrat."
by Kyle January 15, 2004
74 13
A government controlled by the wealthy.
Al Gore and John Kerry are plutocrats.
by The Wog Whomper May 03, 2005
62 37
Any administration, or ruling body,
that is so out of touch, or coloured by money,
that they might as well be on Pluto.
The Plutocracy in our Land
was seemingly separated from its
living, working people
by vast, galactic distances.
by skipix November 28, 2006
23 14
Government controlled by the wealthiest members of a society, usually through stealth. Money buys legislators and bureaucrats and is used to dupe voters through movements asserted to be conservative.
Conservative movements using concepts of "retaining our liberties" and "taking back the government" are usually funded by the plutocracy.
by Plutriot January 07, 2013
5 5
noun -

1. A political system governed by a dog.
April: Did you see that stupid broad?
May: What broad?
April: That bitch is bein' walked by her dog!
May: Haha, her house gotta be a straight plutocracy!

Jim: Didja hear who they elected as the mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky?
Bob: Nah bro, who?
Jim: Goofy! A DOG! Can you believe it?
Bob: Looks like that town's a real plutocracy!
by Urbanium January 20, 2010
3 11