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Kari Byron is an extremly talented build team member/researcher on the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters. Kari Byron is usually assigned to tackle secondary myths on the show or assist the hosts in busting the larger-scale myths.

Kari Byron has a Bachelor's degree in film and sculpture which explains her proficiency serving on the build team of Mythbusters. Her artistic background ensures that no build is too far-fetched or difficult. Kari Byron's intellect and talent are nothing less than impressive and are very well suited to busting myths, urban legends and old wive's tales much to the delight of Mythbusters fans everywhere.

Interestingly enough, in addition to being so talented, Kari Byron has been confirmed as being the cutest redhead known to man. Do not dispute it.
Kari Byron, helping to bust myths while ofsetting the show's geekiness with her sunny personality, beautiful smile and expertise in reckless demolition in the name of science.
by Skeeter McDougal September 28, 2005
The satanic church was started in the 60's by Anton LaVey, so logic would follow that he would be able to define a satanist better than Oprah or whoever hosts Dateline or 20/20. A satanist doesn't believe in god or satan. A satanist is an atheist that believes people should be responsible for their actions.

Satanism itself addresses problems it finds with Judeo-Christian beliefs. They find that telling one's children that they should behave correctly not because its the decent thing to do but because some ridiculous land of fire will make their 'afterlife' really shitty is poor parenting.

The reason why satanists are thought of as scary people in black coats that sacrifice goats and abduct children springs from 2 sources. The first is sensationalist media outlets like Oprah and Dateline and 20/20 and all the daytime talk shows.

The second is the real reason why people believe these shows and thats the tendency of Christians to need to find evil where it doesn't exist. Christians themselves tend to be egotistical (because they only follow their faith when convenient) and like to feel more pious and self-righteous by creating an evil boogeyman that doesn't exist so they can blame society's decay on them.
Christian douchebag: Yeah so this little kid has gone missing, its gotta be the Satanists.

Non-idiot: Hmm, or it could be just a regular criminal.

Christian douchebag: No! Satanists ruin everything. Satanists make me ignore my faith by beating the hell out of my wife and sleeping with my secretary! Its okay though, as long as I go to church a lot and tell god I'm sorry for beating up my wife I'm good. Loopholes are great.
by Skeeter McDougal August 10, 2005
DGAF is an acronym which means "Don't give a fuck". Since the term was coined, people have turned this term into way of life. They often indicate in one way or another that they are living the DGAF lifestyle. These people should not be taken seriously and are more often than not, retards. They listen to Kottonmouth Kings, smoke copious amounts of marijuana and drive gigantic white ford trucks.
Joe: Hey isn't it funny how all those froders and brohos are living the DGAF lifestyle. Apparently the DGAF lifestyle consists of smoking weed all day and drinking cheapass beer. Its okay though, they'll move onto speed and meth in a few years and end up stealing all the shit in my house.

Bob: Yeah, people like them make manditory sterilization sound like a good idea.
by Skeeter McDougal November 23, 2005
A Conversational Puma is a loud and opportunistic member of a conversation. The "puma" part comes from the person's tendency to "pounce" on you when you are trying to tell a story with loud interjections like "NO WAY" or "I KNOW". Though its debateable whether the conversational puma is truely interested in what you are saying or if he/she is just patronizing you, the story usually ends up being truncated for no other reason than to avoid being loudly interrupted.

This word was recently pioneered on the radio program Loveline by Adam Carolla.
Jesus christ, I hate that Suzy. I can't finish a single sentence with her without her pouncing on me with 'OMG' or something like that. She's such a conversational puma.
by Skeeter McDougal October 04, 2005
Note: There is some debate as to whether this word is to be spelled froder or froader.

A froder is an individual who is an off-roading enthusiast (hence the name, which is a truncated version of 'offroader'). A froder isn't truely a froder just because he/she (more often than not, the term froder is regarding a male) enjoys off road activities. Southern California is the native land of the froder. Froders can be identified by their usually white, VERY large raised ford trucks. Often times these trucks have their fronts raised more than the rear, which serves little purpose other than to make the froder in question look like a retard. An additional note is that when one encounters a froder vehicle whilst driving, it is adviseable to stay out of their way. Froders generally feel that the raised height of their truck gives them free reign to drive fast and in a wreckless fashion.

Froders also generally wear a lot of srh clothing and adorn their beloved trucks with srh stickers. Also, froders tend to use Olde English scripting in their car stickers and clothing. Scholors don't really know why this is, but some say that they resemble tattos and convey the lifestyle of the froder, and still other say that froders are just stupid and think that it looks fancy and neato.

Froders are also known as bro's, and date brohos. Broho's are generally skanky blonde women who wear a lot of FOX, SrH and Skin Industries clothing. They are attracted to the lifestyle of the froder, that is the lifestyle of large trucks and copious amounts of alcohol. These people are generally looked down upon because they end up as alcoholics/crystal meth addicts and usually crap out 3 or 4 kids by the time they are 21 which the taxpayer then has to take care of.
Froder: "Hey Aubrey, I was frodin' last week and my friend Dustin totally ate shit on a dune! It was siiiiick!"
Aubrey the BroHo: "Haha! Dustin is gayy. Hey do you have the vodka? I thought we were gonna get drunk and go drive down to Santee. I don't really care that you refer to me as a bitch, because I don't have self-esteem. Oh and don't worry about condoms, raising a kid at 16 is fun."
by Skeeter McDougal August 30, 2005
Stallone's Law states that (when guns are involved, usually) 1 man has better chances of killing 20 men than 20 men killing 1.

This refers to poorly-written action movies where pursuers of the movie's heroine have terrible aim and don't hit the main character, but instead hit surrounding metal objects so that a cool spark effect can ensue.
Person 1: "This movie is retarded, how come those stereotypical movie bad guys with the leather jackets and the foreign accents can't hit the main character? They seem to do perfectly fine hitting the stairs and the metal railing.."

Person 2: "Because he's a loose-cannon cop who plays by his own rules, bitch."
by Skeeter McDougal July 19, 2005
The term Avril Push was derived from Avril Lavigne music videos which, more or less, follow the same formula. Theres always a man that looks like hes from a shampoo/hair product commercial that is mean to Avril. At some point in the video, Avril pushes this man away from her (almost always in slow-motion) and then runs off to sing into the camera.

This term has come to describe any scenario in which a distressed woman pushes a man away in an overly-dramatic fashion and then runs off.
Angus: "Yeah so what happened with your girlfriend last night. You were at the party and she was acting like you were being all mean to her. Did she Avril Push you?"

Roger: "Yeah, it was weird. I was talking to her and then she pushed me really really slowly and then ran away and started singing."
by Skeeter McDougal December 30, 2005

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