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gay dance party
Jeremy and I put on our frilliest outfits to attend the Rainbow Ball. It was a cotillion of cocksuckers!
by SJ@24 July 10, 2009
When three or more gay men are seen shopping together at a boutique
Girl! I was swarmed by the Synchronized Snorkeling Team. They all wanted the same earrings!
by SJ@24 July 10, 2009
A group of intoxicated women who've arrived at a bar looking for action.
Dude! Check out that pack of Drunkin' Donuts at the door. I bet we could totally score with one of them.
by SJ@24 June 25, 2010
1. A frigid woman.
2. A snootty, superior, uptight woman who thinks she's too good for everyone.
Dang bro'. Your just wastiing your time buying that bitch drinks n' stuff. You ain't never gonna crack that Frozen Taco.
by SJ@24 June 25, 2010
exclamation of victory after getting a word published on urbandictionary.com and putting the definition on a coffee mug.
Hey Durwood. Urbandictionary published my definition. Mug me!
by SJ@24 August 21, 2009
Having the outlook of the times you were born and raised in.
Back in the sixties it was okay to be sexist and racist.
It was largely the Chronocentric point of view of most Americans.
It's impossible for anyone to escape their Chronocentric viewpoint.
Even Abraham Lincoln saw life from his Chronocentric perspective.
by SJ@24 July 10, 2009
A type of lesbian.

1. The "in charge" gal who drives the van on all of the lesbian group outings
2. Homosexual woman who drives the mini-van with the "I have two mommies" kid to school
Leslie always drives when our women's group goes anywhere. She must be the Van Dyke.
by SJ@24 September 06, 2009

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