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the resin that accumulates on one's fingers while processing fresh marijuana
what the (cough) hell (cough) did you (cough) put in that (cough) pipe? finger hash?
by sircasey February 16, 2009
a big 4x4 pick-up with lots of chrome and ridiculously large tires, usually driven by a man with a large belt buckle and boots.
That wussy don't never wheel that thing. Look at them rims...it's a country cadillac
by sircasey February 15, 2009
the inability to believe in God, no matter how hard one tries
He thought to himself, can God, knowing what He will do in the future, escape that inevitability? If yes, He's not omniscient, if no, He's not omnipotent...or maybe logic has nothing to do with it and I'm just theistically challenged?
by sircasey February 15, 2009
a bar tender
the booze jockey poured a perfect pint of pilsner
by sircasey February 17, 2009
the act of spewing opinionated gibberish by one who doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about
'dude, nobody wants to hear your ignoranting about evolution anymore'
by sircasey February 16, 2009
used primarily by potheads who feel that one joint is never enough.

variations include:
-a bird never flew on seven wings
-a bird never flew on fifty-two wings
Hey man, roll another, a bird never flew on one wing!
by sircasey February 15, 2009
a redneck pothead
'I know he looks like a cop, but trust me, he's a total headneck'
by sircasey February 15, 2009

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