21 definitions by sircasey

a bowl of hash with hash oil drizzled over the top
after I got back up from the floor, I told myself, no more super hash tonight
by sircasey February 15, 2009
weed, marijuana

first coined by rapper E-40 in 2002
he thought he was buying leprechaun flowers, but later decided it must have been oregano
by sircasey February 15, 2009
to kick someone in the shins with great force unexpectedly.
next time I'm just gonna pie-kick 'em!
by sircasey February 13, 2009
from Greek nekrōsis (death) + ite

the blackened, resinated weed from numerous roaches. most often rolled into a joint

see second gen
it doesn't taste very good and it makes you cough like hell, but necrite always does the trick
by sircasey February 18, 2009
crack cocaine

see base head
the thing about the tenderloin is that you can't walk ten feet without someone trying to sell you base rocks or asking for spare change
by sircasey February 16, 2009
green buds; usually used by a pot snob to talk down about another person's stash, implying that only purple weed is good enough for them
'whatchu smokin'? oh, just regular green weed? nevermind...'
by sircasey February 16, 2009
one who thinks that this is the best of all possible worlds, and screwed up as it may be, can't get any better.
She didn't bother to get out of bed anymore, her pessimistic panglossian perspective made life seem pointless.
by sircasey February 15, 2009
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