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A fighting game. It's pretty cool, and the fightings alright, but let's face it most people buy it for the babes. A love it or hate game really.
The DOA babes make LAra Croft look like a stick figure with boobs
by Sir December 11, 2003
A charming piece of anal jewelry
Fuck me, can u smell that? i just had a greasy fat hairy dump. go look at my poo!!
by SiR January 10, 2004
The best warriors ever. As for the whole ninja kicking there asses thing. That can be said about almost anyone I mean ninjas use sneaky instink kills. However if a ninja and samurai fought face to face then the samurai would easily wipe the floor with those sneaky bastards.
Tom Cruise is NOT a samurai
by sir December 11, 2003
Anything to do with alcohol or drugs. Can be verb or noun.
You guys wanna tacion? Let me get some of that tacion.
by sir April 29, 2004
A very very vet very very very cheap fighter from KOF.
Rugal bad Im gonna go huddle in a corner now
by Sir December 11, 2003
Best 3D fhgter period. Has a quest mode that actually gives you good stuff, I.E weapons stages etc. Has responsive controle and some of the best graphics Ive seen.
It is great for newbs but there is also enough for the strategy nut if you think hard enough. Aslo contains very intereting charecters.
SC is ingenious in it's simplicity.
I just got some new weapons that totaly change my game plan.
by sir December 17, 2003
being very loud, raucous, or inquisitive
Man, why are you acting so ambreesh right now?
by Sir March 22, 2004

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