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4 definitions by silverpairaducks

A common motor sports term for person that shows up to an endurance car race such as the 24 hours at Daytona ill prepared.The opposite of a track rat.Typified by showing up the day of the race with no shelter,food,water or fire.Leaving such people susceptible to mocking and price gouging.
I just sold that day fag a pack of smokes for 12 bucks
by silverpairaducks January 29, 2011
4 1
The feeling you get when you see/hear something absurdly ignorant.Usually resulting in insane laughter and loss of bowel control.
After seeing the pictures from the creation museum I had a ignorancgasm.
by silverpairaducks January 16, 2012
2 0
A motor sport fan who feels most comfortable living in anachronistic shanty towns hastily setup at a race track for long periods of time.Typified by a lack of shaving or shame.Opposite of a day fag.similar to a hobo.
That guy brought his own satellite dish what a track rat.
by silverpairaducks January 29, 2011
4 2
a pronoun for a closeted homosexual
Don't bother hitting on hom.
by silverpairaducks January 10, 2012
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