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a person with a real big heart. beyond the definition of kind, sweet, beautiful, radiant, etc. someone who never ceases, even when the going gets tough. so nice to everyone around, and you never want them to leave.
"that's a daytona, everybody wants!"
by apureevil January 04, 2013
2-Door hatchback manufactured by Dodge from 1984-1993. It featured front-engine, front-wheel drive. Popular series included the Shelby, Shelby Z, IROC, and IROC R/T. 4-cylinder engines were standard, but turbocharged 4's and V6's were available on various models. (Similar to the shorter-lived Chrylser Laser).
Although it was fairly popular in its day, the Dodge Daytona has become a rather rare car.
by britishguy July 24, 2005
Daytona is the perfect couples name. Only such harmony in a word such as Daytona means that couple should be together forever.
Girl 1: Hey look it's Daytona ;)
Girl 2: Aww they're so cute together.
by Loveyoubaby December 02, 2013
Type of rim manufactured my a company called Daytona Wheels. Rappers such as 50 cent and The Game both use Daytona Rims.
(This is How We Do)....I put gold Daytonas on that Cherry 6-4.....
by -Benny- March 28, 2005
Definantely NOT justin bieber and is really good at sports. Very attractive (to some people) and lives on a river.His favourite colour is green and his mom (Brenda A.) works at dollarama.This makes her pree dank. Also my soon to be boyfriend.
Look it's Dayton A.!~Random kid

Look it's my soon to be boyfriend!~Me
by iluvdayton February 20, 2011
A fighter who will knock your lights out.
Random person: EW! It's Daytona..

Daytona: STFU * punches across the face *
by //meaGan July 24, 2008
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