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4 definitions by sillybeggar

A reprehensible person with no morals and holds no regard for anyone but him/herself.
A prime example is the English footballer John Terry a truly disgusting human being a total scumbag.
by sillybeggar November 19, 2012
Female genitalia.
Something made from skin that you can put your hand in, a skinmitten.
by sillybeggar November 20, 2012
Someone who is even more of a knob than your average knob.
That John Terry is without doubt a topknob.
by sillybeggar November 20, 2012
An internet troll who exclusively targets Religitards. Sort of trolling for the greater good.
He trolled that Religitard hard, he's a top notch Religitroll.
by sillybeggar November 20, 2012