When it's cold outside, so you put your hands in two different girls pussies to use them as mittens.
It was cold outside, so I called Bridget and Tess over for skinmittens.
by Milf and Cookies December 30, 2009
When trying to define how fat a girl is by the size of her fingers, because you can't fully see her entire body.
Such as setting in a car, behind a bar, ect.

Her fingers are so fat they look like mittens made of skin.
"Dude check out the chick next to us, she's kinda hot."

"No way bro, look at how big her fingers are, she's probably fat."

"You're right, she looks like she's wearing SKIN MITTENS"
by Cadet '92 November 12, 2011
a vagina, especially a loose-fitting one, refering loosely to wearing mittens in the cold, because it's better to get some than to have nothing.
"It's wintertime, so boys get out your skin mittens."

"That skin mitten was the next best thing to my hand."
by link ralstone December 04, 2009
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