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19 definitions by silencut

for what to live and die.

as far as that goes focus on real and social concerns primarily in your waking life and - sweet dreams you can make happen!

all we here're into. ever.

as far as that goes what i like nothing more than to do viz. Urban Dictionary is pick the innocuous ones only to find something disgusting. the questionabler the better. choice!

substance, bound giving in to sound.

as far as that goes you're free wholly as long as you pick real and social concerns!.!
for years i had to make it make it to maidenhead, then i discovered real and social concerns. shirk-me-not
by silencut March 02, 2009
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a social phenomena whereby the subject seeks to bolster their immune system to the undesirable after-effects of alcohol cf hangover.

but a dream, a rosy at that the author of the dream becomes immune to the after effects of the known universe for the foreseeable future in the doctrine of double effect.

hey you drunk! got vex likesay just what moment to let go that thought balloon before you're too high too avoid likesay heinous fall? no fear! get some purples in.
i figure if i keep plugging away at this vodka and by this vodka i don't mean this vodka in particular but vodka as a dampner over a static lifetime, only good things can happen and by this i mean i shall drink to immunity
by silencut March 02, 2009
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adj. exemplimery state of affiars how one becomes dogger hounded n fucking feral
the bested *thinks*: hmmmmm... that scritch i drilled looks sumptious... now i wonder... they say no regrets... a-a-and you are what you eat... no. no. no more what ifs. still
by silencut February 16, 2009
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1) what to yell at a computer screen during those espescially trying times of server rejiggery.

2) none-too-witty-but-nonetheless-very-relevant answer to exponents of the gender factuality thesis
this issue of rijiggery don't impress me much want i want from you is for you to cope you bastard
by silencut March 02, 2009
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warning: clandestine!!1one!

the dying words of Alec Trvelyan to his friend James, at a facility somewhere over Siberia way, somewhere round there.

'Dying' a misnomer? No. Since giving sound to this clause Trevelyan becomes dead to James, and when he comes back at the park of crumbling stakhonovites he is vitally scarred facewise, his inner turmoil is the big revealed.

At the park Alec T. is in a place where he has had all Hull visisted upon him, alot, ok some of it anyway, all he could ever ask for.
Go ahead James, finish the Job, blow them all to Hull:

Literary masterchef screenwriter to bond, stews a reference to Ted Hughes, and all that spent quaint
by silencut March 03, 2009
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iff 'if's the middle word in life,'
life without the f-word's a lie,
=>realise i'm an affront to language, a-shag me now.
poet warlord *surreptiously; cravenly eyes tub of marge*
by silencut March 03, 2009
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Proper noun. colloq. entirely engrossing work of fiction to which one costanzas
goods: busy week?
witch's familiar: costanza. Got some Hegel down.
goods: please do not text or email.
witch's familiar: Sound
by silencut February 16, 2009
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