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the one thing that we can rely on for now and forever. the corner-stone of any satiating (vicarious or otherwise) routine. trust moke.
household moke, ordinary moke, everyday moke. you know man, you know? moke just just moke. not a novelty. moke.
#cope you bastard #troubled times #what we all need #unavoidable wank gag #dose
by silencut March 02, 2009
the political equivalent of shitting out a blinding hangover. following a time of riley disinhibition, puritans lord inhibition and the implementing of such policy brings on headaches for all. however, cancelling was needless tonight, as a massive, extended and all round boon to all restoration descended.
having retreated back to the bolt-hole ceremoniously i commemorate upon the throne and restoration process ensues
#prince charles #figurehead #successful #boon #discriminate
by silencut March 02, 2009
-suffix. popular around ~mid ~late 90s.

used when conceptualising a proper noun, to make essence from this noun.
An essence otherwise avilable from other sources ie. words.

marked the beginning of the -huh- friend to language that is txt spk.
that is this- esque.

txtn is newspeak- esque, but it's a good job we all know better these days- esque sort of thing, we'll not be- esque had the better of- esque.
#ignatius j reilly #da-ta #medieval on yo' ass #arcane #absolute arbitrary power
by silencut March 03, 2009
music that has hidden dialogue in the form of predicate nouns, question & answer clauses and repeated motifs that speaks to me and my ilk, like so much music that i have bested, alone.

if you're not 'with' autechre then one of

i)you are wothwhile, anyone's while specifically who's is anyones guess
ii)you wouldn't claim not to be a contender
iii) you haven't heard it yet, but take our word it really is quite tuneful

apllies to you.
#shut in #looser #half life #drunk #tramp
by silencut March 01, 2009
so-so docudrama timeline about fin de siecle hollywood, revisiting themes from 1950's america.

david lynch was the auteur responsilbe for drawing attention to these characters lives

lingering doubts fog the air having watched this contribution to the milieu of pop culture, physically, as whilst indulging in this fact based romcom the viewer is likely to have smoked at least as many fags as the auteur smoked during the realisation of the timeline.

if you missed it, or for moreinformation mulholland drive may be repeated on a late-night broadcast, then you too can ask yourself, is that what it's like, i mean really like. on the otherhand, or you could just give it a miss
#lynch #mulholland #drive #the known universe #rival dimension #then again #the here and now
by silencut March 01, 2009
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