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Part of a pop song on the simpsons in which 3 women chant it in a slow, kind of egyptian fashion. This is really just join the navy spelled backwards, designed for subliminal advertizing.
(Otto waiting for Navy bus)
Lisa: Hey Otto, what are you doing?
Otto: I dunno, I just got this craving to join the navy. Yvan eht nioj! (gets on bus)
by shutupdangit September 01, 2003
A Mormon (LDS member) that puts their entire life and 110% effort fully into their religion. Super Mormons may include people that:
- Read and quote the scriptures all the time
- Enjoy church videos of all kinds
- Go to seminary all year without one absense
- Raise their hands to answer every LDS question
- Know everything about the church
- Hold high positions in the church
- Do not watch PG-13 movies
- Listen to church and classical music only

Overall, someone obsessed beyond thought with the Mormon religion. These people are commonly stereotyped at.
Frank: Hey Bob, how's it going? You have any lunch money I can borrow?
Bob: Yeah sure, just a sec...
(SM)Henry: Remember the 10th commandment, thou shalt not covet!

Teacher: OK, who can tell me what is in 1 Nephi, 7: 6?
Steve: (immitiadely says) "And it came to pass that as we journeyed in the wilderness, behold Laman and Lemuel, and two of the adaughters of Ishmael, and the two bsons of Ishmael and..." (continues through rest of quote)
by shutupdangit May 15, 2004
Abbreviation for "Truth or Dare" or "Tower Defense"
Hey wanna play some TorD?
I beat you so bad in tord!
by shutupdangit May 15, 2004
A commonly misunderstood and stereotyped christian religion. Called Mormons because of their unique book, "The Book of Mormon" - which is called such after the name of the person that put the ancient records together and buried them. Really named "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" or LDS, for short. Nobody is required to pay without their own will. There are no rules, there are guidelines.
Mormons are not forced to become missionaries. There are a lot of people that never go on one. Only the most devoted go on missions, mormons are not brainwashed.
A religion that beleives in where one is going in this life and after this life, rather than focusing completely on the past and the death of Christ. There is no cross on the church buildings for this reason.
A religion that beleives that Everyone has a chance. Always and forever. Mormons beleive in forgivness and eternal salvation. They beleive that people that never heard of God before have a chance.
They believed that smoking and drinking was bad before there anyone knew it was hazardous to health.
Mormons are most commonly nice and have good morals.
Many LDS live in Utah.
Most mormons love Jello.
Mormons are treated with prejudice.
Missionaries walk around all day 15 hours a day for 2 years, and have 80% of the doors SLAMMED in their face.
Brigham Young did not commit suicide.
by shutupdangit May 15, 2004
The "clan" or group of friends formed originally in the Starcraft channel "aoe" but changed the name to SDS because it got too crowded, then created many Yahoo! Groups.

The shortening of "shutupdangit" to the initials of SD and the shortening of "Dargoon_Slayer" to the initials of DS. The two put together make the initials of SDDS, or SDS when shortened.
SDS Rulez!
Join SDS today
I am a member of SDS
by shutupdangit August 13, 2003
The crowded channel with a lot of history on Battle.net known for it's many names and history, which eventually split into both aoe and SDS (see "SDS")

The real and true meaning of "aoe" is Angel Of Eternity, a nickname givin to the creator of the channel.

Other rumors include Age Of Empires, and Annihalate, Obliterate, Erraticate (what the archons of the game Starcraft say when clicked multiple times).
Go to channel aoe after this game.
Meet me in aoe
Welcome to channel aoe.
by shutupdangit August 13, 2003

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