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A random joke that comes out of nowhere that usually causes hilarity to ensue
after that guy pulled a Nephi, that crowd was in a riot for at least 10 minutes.
by KatieTheCarhop June 27, 2010
12 7
one who looks like and relates to Tito from rocket power and the Ancient Hawaiians
As the Ancient Hawaiians say, Nephi looks like Tito.
by bucsfan1991 March 29, 2011
1 5
i fart that never goes away
when you just cantstop smelling a fart so just say you smell like a nephi
by thelonglastingfart April 30, 2009
12 23
A newb.

A mildly retarded gnome.
"I just met this dude at school today, a total fucking nephi."
by Watkins April 11, 2006
13 35