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One that is, and often should be, involved in many social gatherings, happenings and general goings-on. This individual, though frequently without effort or understanding, is the center of the party, and is, by a matter of course, always consulted before any proceeding of a social nature. This person is, by definition, the SHIT.
Kelly: Hey Stacey, let's see what Steve's doing tonight.
Stacey: Yeah, he's probably got a great party planned; what a social INcast! (Giggles uncontrollably).
by shockrafan September 05, 2007
To be simultaneously excited and frustrated about a particular event, most frequently in reference to sexual desire or tension.
Rodrigo was psychstrated when his girlfriend promised to give him a threesome as soon as he gave her a ring.

It was psychstrating for John to watch Maria leave the party with her friends, but he knew she would be calling him later to hook up.
by shockrafan June 28, 2007
The unique feeling of finding cash in a random place that you had forgotten about altogether.
I had complete buxtasy when I found that Hamilton in the back pocket of my jeans last night.
by shockrafan September 07, 2007
The best band ever from the best movie ever, Rock Star. Marky Mark represent!
Stand Up and shou-out! Stand Up, Stand Up, come on and let it out. Isn't that song by Steel Dragon? Fuck Jen Aniston
by shockrafan September 05, 2007
When a moustachio'd fellow is such a douche that his moustachio'd face is said to have a moustache of it's own
That cop was such a tool that his moustache had a moustache!

Bill: What's wrong with Mike?
Steve: Something crawled up his ass, I think his boyfriend made him the power bottom...
Bill: Yeah his moustache has a moustache!
by shockrafan August 19, 2010
a mythical endangered bird, similar to a Cassowary or Emu.
I held a benefit with many celebrities in attendance to support the CReSwu. Angelina Jolie donated $10,000 and a 200-acre CReSwu sanctuary in Kentucky.
by shockrafan September 02, 2009
The 'right thing to do', what a Jedi master would default to every time
Keep it CreSwu.
by shockrafan September 02, 2009
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