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Is a person who is proficient at using Twitter.
He/she doesn't like to Twitter because he/she is not yet Twiliterate.
by shelovestosail October 23, 2009
The virtual food for people/geeks/nerds who just can't leave their computers/Internet/ long enough to take a break to eat real time food.
No thanks, I'm not hungry for dinner dear, I just had my server bring me a disk overflowing with with I-Bytes. YUM!
by shelovestosail September 25, 2009
A room, usually a bedroom but can be any room that is such a mess it looks looks gerbils live in it.
Company is coming so you better keep the door to your Ger-room closed!
by shelovestosail September 15, 2009
A substance one smooths over the surface of a computer touch pad to prevent irritation and chafing, and increases the speed of the finger as it glides over the pad. Especially useful in high humidity or during times of finger fatigue. May allow for faster reaction times and higher scores while gaming.
I know I could have got a higher score if I had just remembered to use my touchpad lube!!
by shelovestosail September 22, 2009
The appearance one's fingertips take on after playing computer games for extended periods of time using only the mouse touch pad. Similar to flat pancakes or 'flapjacks'.
You know it's time to get off the computer when you look down and see your fingers have flap-tips.
by shelovestosail September 22, 2009
A geek in touch with both his/her male and female sides.
Typically the term Geek conjures up a mental picture of a man. A Geekrodite unites the best of both into one term.
by shelovestosail September 14, 2009
Sewing Blind : Weaves comments in and out of social networking threads/forums totally missing the 'eye' of the thread. LOL

Has no understanding of what the first statement was about, or doesn't care and posts impertinent (that have nothing to do with the subject) comments.
John is always Sewing Blind, he never quite gets it!

Jane is always Sewing Blind, she should pay attention to what she's reading, she's always making comments that no one can understand.
by shelovestosail November 04, 2009

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