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yes.........'lardarse' is a derogatory term used to describe fat people who, as we all know, eat copius amounts of lard in order to achieve their portly status and the word' moderation' means nothing to them. Oh yeah and they think cheap tracksuits disguise this and they always insist they eat like 'birds'. Big giant fat birds maybe.
'jeepers! you are a complete lardarse! stop eating cake!!!'
by sharonmoore September 14, 2006
A fat person, esp. one with a big fat arse.
Hey, lard arse, get a diet!
by Mark Cohen September 16, 2003
A person whose arse has absorbed much to much lard and has resulted in them being a lard arse.
"That Micheal Parkinson is quite the lard arse"
by FlOrEnCe ! ! ! ! ! May 25, 2005
1. one who begs from all and tends to be demoted from any senior positions.
2. someone who rides big females; his penis tends to be erected and placed into her belly button as the vagina is to hard to find.
3. usually related to as a 'Christie'
kayleigh: hey rupert, i heard your mate was a lardarse last night.
rupert: yeahh he done that fatty hard in the belly button.
kayleigh: i heard he got a demotion the other day too, things dont seem to be looking up for this weiner.
rupert: his not a weiner he is a boy full of lard. a.k.a lardarse fatty boom boom
by iaintnolardarse January 15, 2012
fat arse bum you smell like shit what a wicked web site man
fuk u
by jamestplz March 21, 2003
One who is a Belcher, an Ian Belcher
That Belcher is a Lard Arse
by Anonymous September 25, 2003

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