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strong dose of tea in the form of a double tea bag essentially, if one prefers mild tea, he can enjoy one nut on his face, if he desires stronger tea, he would like a two nuts and two dips.
I hear Drason sure likes strong tea....
by shadbolt July 22, 2003
the act of scraper ones nutsack with your tongue
ya cocksmokin nut scraper!
by shadbolt July 22, 2003
a person OR a vechicle, who chooses to put powerful sub woofers in their vechicle without dynomat, so that when they crank their systems, their trunk rattles louder than the music
Remember that fucking faggot rattler in the red miata on Robson? his license plate was about to fall off
by shadbolt July 22, 2003
1. the sound a girl when she farts
2. how filipinos pronounce 'front'
I parked my Firefly in prunt!
by shadbolt July 10, 2003

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