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This word is to be used in replacement of cracked, bent, and/or broken. This word came into being approximately in fall of 2004 in a small wisconsin town. Here is the background story: referring to the loser of a joint cracking contest. The loser of this contest had exhausted all joints, and moved on to another appendage. The outcome of this was a half functioning penis. Thus, the word "robson" came to mean cracked, bent, or broken.
robsoned, robsonized, robsoning, robsonian,

Consider the following:

"Hey, you just robsoned the bumper of my car, foo!"

After missing his first shot, Nathan took another robson.

"Dear lord, my priceless Ming vase has been robsoned!!!"

"Look, that bumper is rather robsonian."

"Look, that bumper is robsonized."

"The doctor preformed surgery on the robsonized appendage."
by Arthur Lee January 18, 2006
a loud mouth yob who reguarly gets pissed.
getting carried home after a hard nights out up dame marg's.
by MC_TRIPPY_C May 11, 2005

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