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Raised fruit-like decorations found on drinking glasses.
My glass is covered in prunts.
by MrCorning June 01, 2006
This word came about through conversation between rapstar "Lee Scott" from Liverpool Hip Hop Badman Crew "Antiheroes" and East London Kebob Hustler "Fatal-E" from the "Rag Hedz Cartel". The word is a mixture of two insults, prick and cunt, thus creating "prunt".
What do you mean there is no chilli sauce, you're such a prunt
by Bad Man Johnson September 11, 2004
A person who's really good at being a cunt i.e a pro cunt =prunt
Jake: i'm so fucking hench

Mu: your such a prunt
by proshark October 16, 2011
The place that joins the Prick and Cunt of a hermaphrodite.
Your gonna hurt your dick if you miss that ass or miss that cunt and jam it on some heshe's prunt.
by FoNo December 22, 2006
1. the sound a girl when she farts
2. how filipinos pronounce 'front'
I parked my Firefly in prunt!
by shadbolt July 10, 2003