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A sandwich that was created for Larry in an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm". It has white fish, sabel, capers, onions, and cream cheese. Larry tried trading it with Ted Danson for his sandwich.
Man: I'm getting you a Larry David sandwich. It has white fish and sable in it!
Man 2: No way, that sounds disgusting.
by semanon May 12, 2008
Used as a cover-up when a person gives an awkward answer to a question.
Witness: Some people say cucumber taste better pickled but that's not always true.
Lawyer: What?
Witness: Huh?
Lawyer: What?
Witness: Huh?
by semanon March 06, 2008
The name of the repossession company that Otto works for in the film "Repo Man".
Oly: "Helping Hand"...fucking right we took your car. Guess who told us where it was, your goddamned brother!
by semanon March 21, 2008

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