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flat handid slap on the vagina
pating the muff=muffclouting
by seb March 01, 2005
Spoom: a canadian wanker on irc.

Is often idling and/or extremely boring
21:11:23 * Spoom (spooooom@INF-EE464DE.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #abandongames
21:32:56 * @Spoom (spooooom@INF-EE464DE.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
by Seb July 08, 2004
retarded townies who attempt to insult you by saying 'ya mum' and 'stupid grebo'. they drive around in there 'phat' novas or renault 5's. i have also noticed how all there girlfriends are always atleast 4 years younger than themsleves and hence why they like hanging around middle and high schools.
oy watch it ya stoopid greebo ile nife ya cus im a wel phat pikie innni
by seb December 07, 2003
1)Cartoon creature from back in the day. 2)Kathryn, lives in Fulbourn, often found in DeNiro's, Newmarket. Also see bugger-lugs.
Kathryn looks like a moomin - she bugger-lugs!!
by Seb September 10, 2003
hes a ngunguru gangsta who will fuk up eny motha fuka out thier.
look at that gangsta
by seb April 09, 2005
See douche bag.
That Hiten, he's such a douche bag!
by seb May 18, 2004
a shit sport where everyone fingers each others arse.
Nip spiort
by Seb March 21, 2005
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