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refering to something awsome; a very cool action
"Dude that was freakin' kilish"
by Seb March 30, 2005
Dose-One and Gel's infamous exentric hip hop group. Formerly part of the group 'cLOUDDEAD'.
Man, Does spits out some ill material with Gel on Themselves.
by Seb April 26, 2004
A very modern hiphop group. On the label Copasetik. Terranova is also a nice way to say "new land."
Got the new Terranova LP. It's mad sick.
by Seb April 26, 2004
Can mean anything except Jealous (except wen sum1 thinks it mistakes it for jealous-which means they have a guilty conscience)
You are just healous
by seb September 19, 2004
When one really wants to emphasize a particular detail, often accompanied with a hand signal
"and then he went around the corner like SEDI MO!"

"oh yes I see that now..."
by seb September 17, 2003
A white person who thinks its cool to act like an eskimo.By wearing big furry coat and carrying around an ice drill to aid in catching fish.
Similar to Wigga, Wafrican, Wasian.
Gay Man:Like, duude you are like such a weskimo, bitch.
by seb July 03, 2004
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