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better than spectacular and pimpalicious combined
yo' dem dubs n a deuce spinnaz is pimptacular
by shaofu October 23, 2003
43 14
The Kingdom's first word of the week... follower by Hoerific, Ass Cunt, and many more to come.
Did you see that car drive by?
Yup that was pimptacular.
by XII German IIX BOOM BOOM September 14, 2003
16 12
a spectacular move (sexual in nature) that a pimp puts on his bottom bitch.
did you see Indiana Jones wit dat ho last night? it was PIMPTACULAR!!
by jay who November 06, 2009
1 1
An achievement of the maccin variety, where one successfully attracts and or bags a member/s of the opposite sex.

Based on first person shooter killing spree titles.
Snog Achieved.

Ooohh Pimptacular!
by Ben Berkowitz March 19, 2008
7 10

It basically refers to something spectacular in a pimped up kinda way...not natural..artificial...maybe original or copied...usually a modified copy...can be used for cars.
Fuck da world. that was PIMPTACULAR!
by Feelingallfuckedup November 01, 2006
2 6